Event Management for Welsh Cycling

Mark Hayes, 7th April 2020.

After many months defining and refining, we now have an application that encapsulates and controls the entire event management process.

From generating discipline specific volunteer requests, insurance documents and permits, to managing equipment bookings, collating and distributing risk documentation and mailing volunteer assignments.

Manual effort has been reduced by around 90%, clearly defined and implemented controls guide the user through every step and the process manager ensures all tasks are executed at the appropriate time.

Designed and Built for Speed

Thanks to excellent input and guidance from Chris L. at Welsh Cycling, the Event Management team now have a comprehensive system that can be operated with minimal fuss, validates, schedules and tracks the entire process and, most importantly, frees users to get involved.

The Scenario

Welsh Cycling manage cycling events for multiple disciplines and categories across Wales. This involves:

  • Loading and enriching event data.
  • Recruiting, training and assigning volunteers.
  • Sourcing and allocating equipment.
  • Collating documentation.
  • Generating and issuing permits.
  • Issuing course risk assessments.
  • Coordinating communications with organisers, race officials and volunteers.
  • Police notifications.
  • Ensuring all resource requirements are met.
  • Defining and maintaining complex reference data relating to event disciplines, race categories, course details and volunteer roles.
  • Refining and adapting processes to ensure continuous improvement and relevance.

Many people are involved in staging these events and in most cases are selected by discipline and seniority. This requires complex mappings between events, participant types, courses and personnel.

By automating the most time-consuming tasks and providing clearly defined, scheduled process steps, administration overheads have been reduced from a full time job for two, to a minor task for one. In other words Event Managers are now free to focus on people management and development, not just administration.

The Solution

A simple, easy to use application that enables users to manage the entire end-to-end process in one place, easily and in a fraction of the time.

  • Import basic event details, as XLS, scraped from the British Cycling website.
  • Automated availability request email generation, targeting volunteers by discipline and qualification requirements.
  • Equipment register with functionality that prevents double-booking, handles equipment provided by external suppliers and generates billing emails where required.
  • Import functionality for offers to attend IN volunteer response emails.
  • Volunteer assignment functionality controlled by discipline, availability and qualification including schedule conflict checks.
  • Volunteer register maintenance and reporting.
  • End to end process management, validation and control as per event properties.
  • Reporting and reference data management.
  • Documentation management, collection, generation and distribution (including insurance, risk assessments, equipment guidance notes, assignment lists, race permits and police notifications).
  • User management.
  • Full hierarchical auditing and audit reporting, i.e. updates to related records (e.g. event races) are listed against the parent record.
  • User defined and maintainable help.
  • User defined document requirements.
  • Customisable email and document templates.

Workload and Benefits

  • Over 120 events staged per year.
  • Management at a glance.
  • Manual effort reduced by approximately 90%.
  • Clearly defined processes and strict process controls.
  • Clear, to the point, management reports.
  • Full traceability.
  • Event management is no longer a desk job!

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