Mark Hayes, 15th May 2019.

April saw Welsh Cycling go live with an Event Management application developed by Bitgen Software. After many months defining and refining, we now have an application that encapsulates and controls the entire process.

From generating targeted discipline specific volunteer requests, insurance documents and permits, to managing equipment bookings, collating and distributing risk documentation and mailing volunteer assignments.

Manual effort has been reduced by around 90%, clearly defined and implemented controls guide the user through every step and the process manager ensures all tasks are executed at the appropriate time.


Designed and Built for Speed

Thanks to excellent input and guidance from Chris L at Welsh Cycling, the Event Management team now have a comprehensive system that can be operated with minimal fuss, validates, schedules and tracks the entire process and, most importantly, frees users to get involved.

The Scenario

Welsh Cycling manage cycling events for multiple disciplines and categories across Wales. This involves, amongst others, such things as:

There are a great deal of people involved in staging such events and considerable dependency on volunteers at every level. This requires Event Managers to build strong relationships with organisers, race officials and other volunteers.

By automating the most time-consuming tasks and providing clearly defined, scheduled process steps, administration overheads have been reduced to the point of being a minor task in the work week. In other words Event Managers are now free to focus on people management and development, not just administration.

The Solution

A simple, easy to use application that enables users to manage the entire end-to-end event management process in one place, easily and in a fraction of the time.

Workload and Benefits


Delivered by Bitgen Software Limited

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