Custom Software Solutions

Break the Rules... Evolve!

Software development is changing and this time it's about evolution. The last 20 years have seen much change but with each iteration we created new problems to replace the old.

These days however, particularly in web development, we are starting to see actual evolution.

Advances in languages for (particularly Javascript and CSS), are now bringing us such efficiency improvements that we can finally drop much of the baggage that's been holding us back.

Progressive web apps allow us to develop sites that can be installed without the need for multiple device specific code bases. The same code that is the actual website can be installed on pretty much any device and, with user permission, access such things as it's camera, microphone and location services.

Best of all... there's no need to go through an app store! More...

Industries Served

  • Engineering
  • Banking and Finance
  • Energy Trading
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Telecommunications
  • Instrument Building
  • Sport
  • Healthcare


  • Database Solutions: Data migrations, ETL processing, data applications, validations and controls, workflow management and distributed processing.
  • Spreadsheet Solutions: Automated spreadsheet generation, data extraction and collation, modelling and validation, process automation.
  • Mailbox Solutions: Document distribution and collection, automated document validation, self monitoring, task distribution and tracking.
  • Process Controls: Workflow management, user defined checks and validations, exception reporting and dashboards, fraud prevention.
  • Reporting Tools: Statutory and regulatory, management and financial, quality and progress.
  • Process Automation: Document production and distribution, process improvement, data cleansing and validation.
  • Project Management Tools: Resource management, cost controls, communications and tracking, scheduling.
  • Risk and Hazard Management: Competence controls, incident reporting and management, Hazan, Hazop and HI&RA.

Case Studies

  • Event Management: Created for Welsh Cycling, provides complete process management reducing manual effort by more than 90%
  • Spreadsheet Validation Mailboxes: Automate spreadsheets validations by email and reduce turnaround times to seconds.
  • Distributed Document Production: Reduced processing time from hours to minutes.
  • EBA Taxonomy Validation: Test cycles reduced from weeks to minutes.